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Established in January 2006, its founders are dedicated to telling European history from the perspective of individuals who actually lived through and participated in it. Please scroll down to see our featured books.

Author Michelle Kaiser was a child in Austria during World War II. Now a Canadian citizen, she hopes her story will encourage peace, forgiveness and a better understanding of mankind.

Announcement of special privilege.

Willi: Diary of a Young Lieutenant has been chosen by the selection officers of the Library of Congress, Washington D.C. to be included in the permanent collection of this world renown library. It can be found in the Jefferson or Adams Building General or Area Studies Reading Rooms. Please visit the Notes and Links section for more information and a link to the Library of Congress listing.


Featured Books:

Willi: Diary of a Young Lieutenant  

By Michelle Kaiser

The book: A personal history of World War II

A diary, containing eye-witness reports of a young German officer stationed on WWII’s Russian front in 1941/42, was re-discovered in a safe where it was stored for sixty years.

Canadian author Michelle Kaiser lovingly compiled these notes into a personal – not political – documentary of the events, people, and places of the Russian campaign. The facts are confirmed by previously published British and American historians and excerpts from the diaries of several German generals.

This fast paced, gripping, and sometimes heart wrenching story keeps readers mesmerized. Maps, footnotes and illustrations help to bring everything to life.
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My Elephant Skin
By Michelle Kaiser

The biography of Michelle Kaiser tells how, with the aid of her reliable elephant skin and her mother’s spirit, she survived childhood tortures, traveled through Europe, and escaped to Canada. further information

Read a Sample Chapter from My Elephant Skin

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